Artial Partnerhip Program

Artial is interesting in building an ecosystem of partners, ranging from strategic partners, for building new ​opportunities for their markets using our computer vision algorithms, to technology partners, focused on making their products around autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence, to solution providers, who are planning to integrate our software.

Our ecosystem of Partners


Developer and manufacturer of security and commercial solutions based on advanced Unmanned Systems with an international investor base

Under MoU for joint solution development

Advanced Autonomous Solutions Fund

Investing in unique solutions for smart city, autonomous logistics, security and more

Why Partner with Artial?

We are innovative technology company with focus on deep technologies. Incorporated in 2022, our team has a profound experience in building autonomous robotics and drones devices, and building AI and computer vision systems alongside management skills. Solid experience in R&D depratments and passion for building great products.

Artial has a main objective to make BVLOS functionality for drones by providing advanced intelligent software for new generation of drones.


Our BVLOS technology allows the drone to collect more data in fewer deployments and costs less.


Drones can replace traditional methods of data collection, like satelites. In addition, intelligent software more accurate and capable of implementing customized solutions.


Our AI is able to perceive the surroundings and fly safe among the people and carry out multiple activities. Capable of search&rescure operations and act in dangerous for human being areas.

Ready to ​become an artial partner?